I completely forgot!!

I’m gone for two weeks on vacantion to Croatia!

Expectation VS Reality → Fujoshi Version

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the really shitty thing about being told that youre smart your whole entire life is that as soon as you dont understand something you just kind of completely shut down and his this big shitty crisis because maybe youre not as smart as youve always been told 

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Let’s swim together again!

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1/?? Hair colors of oh sehun: Rainbow

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replace all the vowels in your name with the letter ‘a’ gO 

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You’re my paper heart.

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HZT-ao: 好想念大家~你们还好吗? 我好像好久没动静了~我终于结束了丛林法则的录制~ 真的会是我人生中最珍贵的回忆。5天没有碰手机什么感觉知道吗?[悲伤] 所罗门没有网,微博也没转发成真是sorry~ 青海 一起去吧! 哈哈 给你们看看我3天4夜没洗脸洗头的照片吧,不要嫌弃我啊~[威武]@西藏昌都人韩红

"Really missed everyone~ Have you guys been well? It feels like I haven’t been active for a while~ I’ve finally finished filming for Law of The Jungle~ Seriously will be the most precious memory of my life. 5 days without touching my phone, do you know that feeling T_T? There’s no line at Solomon Islands so I didn’t get to repost this on Weibo, sorry~ Tsinghai, let’s go together! Haha, I’ll show you guys the pictures of me who have not washed my face and showered for four days and three nights, don’t laugh at me~ @西藏昌都人韩红”

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